Life is a journey that can get pretty lonely when taken alone. Same thing applies when building a brand-especially one that is meant to be around for a very long time to come. That is why we bring our expertise to bear as we partner with our clients in the brand building and management process. Our Consultancy Services includes:

Strategic Brand Advisory Services

We guide our clients and provide them with the know-how for building a successful brand.

Brand Identity Design

A good idea with poor execution is life a sleek car with deflated tyres, it is going nowhere. We support, your brand with everything it needs to take off. Ranging from well thought out logo designs to business cards, letterheads etc, your brand is sure to end up with a ‘face’, ‘voice’ and ‘feel’ that will captivate your target audience.

Print Production

You can trust us with the print production of all your Brand Communication Materials such as Letterhead, Business Card, Brochure, Handbills, Calendars, Display Banners, Signages etc.


One of the major branding challenges faced by many organisations is the disconnect between their employees and the brand. While the employees know what the company does, they hardly understand what the brand of the organisation is. This puts the organisation in a fix because employees are the ones who relate with customers daily and therefore in the best position to shape customers’ experience with the brand

Our Internal Branding/ Employee Brand

Engagement Services are geared towards helping organisations build a crop of employees that are in tune and connected to the organisation’s brand and thereby fully equipped to represent and deliver on its promise consistently.

We’ll be delighted to help your employees make that vital connection to the brand so as to foster productivity and brand success. So let’s get talking.


Management Training:

We also offer our Training Services to desiring organisations who want to enhance productivity.

Strategic Brand Development Workshops:

Our Strategic Brand Development Workshops are designed to furnish owners and managers of SGBs with the know-how for transforming ordinary businesses into clearly differentiated brands.


Personal Branding Workshop for Leading Women & One-on-One Personal Branding Coaching for Women


We supply exquisite corporate & promotional gift items that can help you further display your brand while earning the good will of customers, clients and other stakeholders.