Industry: Education

Malvin Meadows School is owned by a very entrepreneurial and visionary woman. She wanted the school’s brand identity to reflect the school’s fun and engaging approach to learning.

Through our professional use of colours, we achieved this. That’s not all, the

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concept of the MEADOWS is also creatively depicted in the logo. We chose Yellow to convey the fun that the school injects into learning for students. The Green colour is used to express the fact that the school is a place of nurturing students so they can achieve their potentials. It is also used to express the pleasant and lively learning environment and culture.



Industry: Events 

Bellisina was at startup stage when our ‘brand romance’ started. Call her the queen of colours! She wanted a logo with 4 colours. So the task was how to pull this through without the brand looking like a masquerade!  Anyway, we did it! And she was so happy.



Industry: Marine
Gobel Marine is a subsidiary of Rainoil. Another brand identity project we did with pride and delight! The client wanted something simple and sweet. Playing on the first letter of the brand name G, we carved out this beauty. We deployed the blue and orange colours to convey the professional and vibrant nature of the brand respectively.






Industry: Oil and Gas
Fynefield Petroleum is a subsidiary of Rainoil Limited, a major Oil and Gas company in Nigeria. We were overjoyed to get the brief.
Being an energy company, out task was to come up with a clean and creative way of expressing this.
We went through several options but this was the client’s beloved and preferred logo design.

We wanted to project that providing energy for Nigeria is at the very core of this brand. And this logo design simply gave voice to that! It was used for branding the farm tanks and other brand elements.  Though the company has gone through a re-branding, we’re still proud that we got the first shot at giving it a face!



Industry: Fashion
Asotiwa means ‘our own indigenous textile’. What a sweet ethnic brand. This brand is all about Adire( a type of tie and dye fabric mainly from Abeokuta, Ogun State). But talk of Adire unusual! If you want your Adire fabric in different shades and forms like jersey, chiffon, etc, Asotiwa is the brand.

Client wanted a brand identity that would reflect its ethnic yet contemporary personality. And after some visits to our drawing board, we arrived at this.

The Asotiwa logo depicts the intricacies that go into the making of every Adire fabric. The red color shows the vibrantly fashionable side of the brand while the grey shows attention to detail.



Industry: Education
Formerly Pampering Model School, PAMFOUNT had to go through a rebranding because of its name change.

The challenge was to come up with a brand identity that would be simple, classy and yet with the focus on all that the brand stands for which is a total development of pupils.