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Basics of Branding

Basics of Branding is the 1st E-book on Branding by Ayanfeoluwa Oluwaseun. It is the essential guide and handbook on branding for every entrepreneur and student. The 122 page book is colourful, enlightening and easy to understand. It is available at 54, Opebi Road, Salvation Bus-Stop, Ikeja, Lagos.

Basics of Branding Workbook available upon purchase.

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She Inc Audio CD offers women the insight they need in discovering and transforming themselves into successful and well positioned brands. It is a must have for every woman who desires to stand out and lead her world.


What Mr. Zack Thought Me About Business And

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In What Mr. Zack Taught Me About Business And Life, AyanfeOluwa shares powerful Business and life management insights that both enlighten and inspire. Through the eyes of Zack, a man on a quest for more, golden nuggets that are often overlooked are expressed and brought to life.



Want the straight and sharp guide to building and manage your brand? BrandIt will show you how. Visually captivating and loaded with practical and proven strategies, it is a must-have for every entrepreneur desiring to build a great brand.

Available for purchase on okadabooks.com

Brand Knowledge Hub

To stay in business today, you must know what to do. It takes more than just having the technical know-how of your field. There is the need to be knowledgeable in about other aspects of the business. This is why continuous self development is key. Our bookstore stocks books and other resource materials that you need to move your business forward.